Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Something Amazing Happened...

...and I want you to be part of it!

As you might know we’ve been raising personal support for several months, unable to return to our assignment. Our team is about to go into the busy time of year when many will be overseas meeting with other Jesus Film workers to advance the Kingdom. They are desperate for me to be back before then. In fact some of the projects we need to start cannot happen without Christine and me back in place on the team.

Up until today, it looked unlikely that I would be finished raising our funds before summer, because we still need to raise $1,300 in monthly support. The numbers were overwhelming. And then just before Easter, something amazing happened! A donor agreed to match all the support I raise over the next month with a generous special gift – up to $1300. For example, for every $100 in new monthly support raised, they will give  $100! How’s that for stretching your investment? The key is we must trust God to match it by May 25

Here’s how you can help:
·      If you are currently one of my ministry partners, would you consider increasing your monthly/annual support?  Even what may seem like a small increase will make a huge difference for me with this matching gift.
·      If you are not currently a financial partner, would you prayerfully consider joining our team? I’ve been asking people to pray about $100/month, so all it will take is a few people committing to $100 a month and I will reach my goal! But, any amount the Lord leads you to give would be helpful and I would be so grateful.

To qualify for matching funds your gift must:
·      Be ongoing (monthly, quarterly or annually). One-time, special gifts, though appreciated, cannot be matched. If you have been considering a special gift, please pray about making it an annual gift and then it will count.
·      Actually be received by May 25 (not just verbally committed).
t March.
You can start or increase your giving online at or by phone at 1-888-CRUSADE (1-888-278-7233). Checks made payable to “Cru” may be mailed in the enclosed envelope.

I am so grateful for anything you can do to help me be fully funded and return to reaching the lost for Christ. Those reached will be part of your rewards when we get to the Kingdom!  Christine or I will call you to see what you have decided. I want to make sure you get in on the match! And no matter what you decide, I covet your prayers, and look forward to celebrating with you as we watch God work.

Tez and Christine           

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