Thursday, September 20, 2018

Building Bridges with a Thriller

Rarely do horror movies present the message of Christ. And I wouldn't really call the latest short film created by Jesus Film Project®, a horror film. "Nightwatch"  is more of a G-rated thriller.

Moreover, God is using it to reach students overseas with the gospel. In one Asian country a young woman named Tiffany is seeing God work…
Tiffany was pretty sure the director of the girls' school, which adheres to the dominant religion in the area, didn't like her.

But as the in-country contact for Jesus Film Project teams in her region of Asia, Tiffany worked hard to build bridges with leaders in the community.

One day, to her surprise, she had a nice visit with the director. This resulted in an invitation for Tiffany and some of her Jesus Film® associates to teach an English class at the school.

The superintendent personally welcomed the team to the campus, serving snacks and talking with them for an hour before the seminar for the students began.

The team then showed the short film "Nightwatch"  to a group of 72 girls before breaking out into small discussion groups.

According to Tiffany and the other members of the team, the time spent with the girls was precious. The director seemed appreciative of their visit as well.
Pray for God to continue to strengthen the relationship between the local ministry workers and the school's director and teachers. And pray this leads to more opportunities for believers to interact and have spiritual conversations with both the educators and the students.

I often use the sovereignty-themed, Mel Gibson movie "Signs," to jump-start conversations about God. What other scary movies from Hollywood might be easy to use for sparking spiritual conversations? Give us your ideas in the comments.