Monday, March 20, 2017

Idols Abandoned

South Asia

Riya cherished her statues of Ganesh, Shesha, Lakshmi and other Hindu gods. She worshiped them because she was afraid of what would happen if she didn't. 

One day her relative, Parinaaz, came for a visit. She told Riya she had found a God who truly loved her - even though she was divorced. Parinaaz shared the Four Spiritual Laws and challenged Riya to commit her life to Christ. She declined but wanted to know more. So Parinaaz gave her a New Testament and invited her to watch JESUS.

Over the course of several months, the two women continued to discuss Jesus and His ultimate act of love for humankind. Riya began reading the Bible and watched JESUS several times. Eventually, Riya committed her life to Christ.

Abandoning her idols, Riya endured many insults from her family. But she persisted with love and patience, and soon her whole family believed in Jesus. Riya now leads a house church with 12 people, has two Bible studies with 17 people, and has mentored two others to lead Bible studies.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Goat Sacrifice


Cena watched his goat burn. His son's eyesight was steadily degenerating, and nothing seemed to help. He was losing hope. Anxiety filled his mind. So he followed the advice of a Hindu priest and sacrificed his goat. Despite this, his son's eyesight continued to grow worse week after week.

One day a church planter invited Cena and his family to watch JESUS. As he watched, Cena was in awe of this man who could heal the lame and the blind. Immediately afterward, Cena shared with the church planter about his son's condition. Could this Jesus heal my boy?

The church planter told him Jesus has power to heal his son, and they needed only to put their faith in Christ. Hope filled Cena's heart in a fresh way; He and his family gave their lives to Christ.

Over the course of time, a change took place in Cena. Peace replaced anxiety; hope replaced fear. He and his family attended church weekly and continued to pray for his son's healing. Gradually his son's sight was completely restored by the power of God.

Despite persecution from his mother and brother, Cena and his family remain steadfast in Christ and continue to share their miracle testimony with others they meet.

God is working through the Church Planting Movement Initiative, a partnership between South Asia Campus Crusade for Christ® and Jesus Film Project®. Through CPMI, thousands in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka hear the gospel daily - often through JESUS or Magdalena: Released From Shame in their heart language. Pray God will continue to give ministry leaders strategic and creative wisdom for reaching South Asia for Christ.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Window Watcher


With graceful hands, Manelle pushed back the curtain covering the window in her living room. Vehicles and people still passed by the window in a flurry of activity, but what had once been a bustling center for tourism had become a desert to visitors. Despite this, Manelle boiled water on her stove and wrapped cakes in cloth to keep them warm and ready to serve. Eager to show hospitality, Manelle wanted those visiting her country to feel welcomed. Though she hadn't seen any tourists for some time, her window remained open. 

Suddenly a group of foreigners - African missionaries equipped with Jesus Film® materials - passed by Manelle's window. She rushed out to invite the strangers into her home, excited to offer them some hospitality. 

Recognizing this opportunity as a gift from the Holy Spirit, the missionaries graciously accepted the local woman's offer. Once Manelle had poured the tea and set out the cakes, she asked, "What brings you to my country?" Spontaneously one of the team members pulled out an Arabic audio Bible pre-loaded with The Story of Jesus, the audio adaptation of the JESUS film, and gave it to Manelle.

A gift? Moved by the gesture, the hostess played it immediately. The words of Jesus in Manelle's heart language filled the room., and her face became wet with tears. She clasped her hands together, pressing them to her mouth in an expression of gratitude. Then she embraced each missionary and continued to host as the recorded voices washed over her and her guests.

"I tell you the truth, anyone who welcomes My messenger is welcoming Me, and anyone who welcomes Me is welcoming the Father who sent Me." - John 13:20, New Living Translation

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Going With the "Flow"

Feel free to file this under the “almost too crazy to believe” category. A couple weeks ago we heard from an African Cru missionary with a ministry called Global Church Movements. Come to find out, among his many ministry activities, he’s been visiting prisons and reaching out to the inmates. How does he do this? In part by showing them our short film, Flow. That’s right, the film about the guy who drinks out of the toilet, ignoring the clean water gushing from his kitchen faucet. 
He reports that the last time he did it, the men reacted with revulsion. They asked, "Why in the world would anyone ever drink from a toilet instead of a faucet?” The missionary then asked, straightforward-like, “Well, what water did you drink to get put in jail?” He reports that approximately 100 men came to Christ.

But wait, there’s more. This missionary recently went out to minister to an influx of refugees fleeing out of one country. A terrorist group in the region, has made being a Christian very dangerous, and a lot of people have had to leave their homes. This missionary was part of a group that has been tending to the physical and spiritual needs of the refugees. One of the ways to make disciples, he says, is “through the use of tablet(s) to help the volunteers who are in the center of the crisis to connect and share their faith and disciple the displaced people.” And what does he show? Yup, our film "Flow."

I’m just again reminded by both how effective these tools we’re working on can be, and how God then takes them and goes BIGGER. I’m continually blown away by how God uses our films to reach people for Christ in ways that I couldn’t come up with on my best day. I mean, Flow is nine years old. By all accounts, it’s had its day. It’s not going to ever win any awards (maybe the “Best Use of a Commode in a Film”—not usually televised). I want to praise God and tell Him how thankful I am He’s using what we're doing. And we want to thank you for being a part of it, with your finances and prayer support. It’s a huge blessing and we hope you can see your part in this, and rejoice with us.