Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jesus Appeared to Light the Way

During the dangerous journey across the Aegean Sea to Greece, a group of refugees in one boat were so frightened, they called out to God. When a "shiny heavenly figure" appeared, the entire boat knew it was Jesus. From that point the sea became calm and peaceful, and they finally landed safely on shore.

Convinced that the heavenly figure was truly God, they all wanted to become followers of Jesus. 

Many weeks later, the refugees were together in a disciple group, sharing what happened with their Bible teacher - himself a former jihadist and now a vibrant Christian. He is the one who passed their testimony onto us.

God has a heart for all people. He desires that they come to faith in the Light of the World, Jesus.
By the thousands, Iraqi and Syrian refugee families who have survived their trek over land and sea must now spend their nights in abandoned buildings, store fronts, garages, open spaces or tents. In camps without electricity, they often sit in darkness. Jesus Film Project®
is helping to remedy the situation by providing refugee families with "Light Their World" lamps. Each lamp is solar powered and has a built-in audio player and speaker that plays "JESUS" in their own language. The lamps also have an FM radio set to Christian programming, a mobile phone charger and of course, an LED light. These lamps are providing hope to refugee families by stirring their hearts toward God.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Uber Driver and "JESUS"

“Driver, would it be okay if we make a quick stop at McDonalds?” Maria asked from the backseat. Looking in the review mirror, Carlos nods and pulls the car into the drive-through lane.
As they wait behind the other cars, Carlos senses the Holy Spirit prompting him to give Maria a “JESUS” DVD from his glove compartment. He offers it, assuring her of God’s blessing if she will turn to Him. Maria thanks him and takes the DVD, and they both sit quietly as the car idles. 

He notices her sniffling. “Is everything okay?”
“As a student, I gave my life to Christ at a Campus Crusade retreat, but I’m so cold in my walk with Jesus. He’s reminding me tonight, through this DVD, I need to return to him.” 

Maria reflects for a moment, “I'll take a look at the movie.” They pull up to order and she buys Carlos an iced tea. As Carlos drives Maria to her destination, he knows that God is drawing her to Himself.