Friday, January 13, 2017

More Indian Church Plants

Church planters around India use a strategy called Church Planting Movement Initiators (CPMI). Around 200 recently planted churches in one denomination. Jesus Film Project has been a major funding for this.

India made a good transition from evangelism to church planting using the Jesus Film, Prayer/Care/Share and other tools. They are effectively training 4,200 lay leaders to plant churches. The leaders are full of the Holy Spirit, boldness and excitement. Their goal is a church for each of the 400,000 villages in India that have no church (300,000 of the 700,000 have a church).

 If you look carefully, you will see the scars on the arms of this young leader, Jon. Four years ago he was a desperate alcoholic who cut himself repeatedly. Our CPMI Pastor led him to Christ when he was at his lowest point, lying nearly paralyzed in a hospital from alcohol poisoning. He returned to his workplace in the leather industry and led to Jesus a wonderful young woman who is now his wife; they have 3 children. They have led 20 of the 100 families in their village to Jesus, as well as many people at work through the power of their testimony, using the Jesus Film.

This young CPMI Pastor, on the left recently dedicated a simple building his church erected alongside one of their houses. Twenty-seven of the thirty families in this Gypsy colony have become followers of Jesus. Later in the evening, at a Jesus Film showing just outside, they clapped with joy when Jesus appeared on the screen for the first time. These folks are excited about Jesus. Please pray for them.

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