Friday, January 6, 2017

Legs for Running and Dancing

Ativa lived in Western Europe and couldn’t walk without crutches. Her feet dragged behind her, crutches scraping the cobblestone in rhythm to her struggle. She never imagined losing the ability to walk on her own. Abbdu, her kind and gentle husband, measured his steps to hers. They were in this together, whether she ever walked again on her own or not.

The moment Kabil, a Jesus Film worker, saw Ativa, he knew God wanted to heal this woman.

“Can we pray for you?” Kabil asked. Quietly, so as to not embarrass his wife, Abbdu told Kabil that while he was a follower of Jesus, Ativa was not.

Nevertheless, Ativa knew she had nothing to lose, and so she agreed.

As they prayed for her, God began healing her broken body. At first movement returned to her toes, and then her ankles and legs. The doubt she carried disappeared when she dropped her crutches and began to run. Abbdu was amazed, praising Jesus for the gift of Ativa’s healing.
“I want to know more.” Ativa said to the team, finally slowing down. She accepted a Bible and a copy of JESUS, overwhelmed by joy.

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