Friday, January 20, 2017

Divisions Fall Away

West Africa

An "opera of praise" filled the air. Jesus was speaking their language. It was Eda, loud and clear! As they watched JESUS for the first time - the premiere showing - the Kadara people (Eda speakers) looked past their tribal differences and applauded and cheered. Three dialects, one film and one message that brought them together that night. 

Liberia_2011_Explorers_20110125152233Historically speakers of the Eda language have created great divides over the smallest differences. Generations ago, they developed three dialects of Eda, along with three distinctive classes. Jealousy and slander festered, and although they were from the same culture, even their church activities and festivals became segregated. 

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When creating the script for the Eda version of JESUS, the translators chose to include all three dialects. So with voice actors from all three dialects, the tensions between the groups initially made recording JESUS difficult. But, God used this collaboration for His glory. It all came together on dedication day in March 2016. With hesitancy, but open minds, leaders from each dialect came together, and what they saw truly amazed them.

The Kadara encountered the love of Jesus. Old divisions fell away. The story of Jesus cut to their hearts, and they experienced the transformational freedom of following Him. 

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