Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Joining the Family

Sarah met Vicky on a campus in East Asia and asked if they could meet for dinner. On the bus ride into the city Square Sarah showed Vicky the short film Jangled (which Tez wrote). Over dinner, they had more time to talk about the film and school and direction in life.
“I’m not content with accounting as my major,“ Vicky told Sarah.
“I can relate. I work in accounting now, it doesn’t give me the happiness I hoped for. Are you looking for purpose in your work?” Sarah asked.
“Yes. But I don’t see it happening. There’s no hope.”
“Can I share with you the way I found meaning and purpose even if my work is boring and hard?” Sarah said. Vicky nodded, and Sarah smiled. “I’d like to tell you about my friend, Jesus.”
Vicky listened intently as Sarah shared the gospel using “Knowing God Personally” on her phone. When it came to show her the difference between a life without Jesus and a life with Jesus, Vicky quickly said she wanted Jesus in her life. Sarah led her in prayer and Vicky asked Jesus to be her Savior. When Sarah explained that accepting Jesus makes her a child of God, she said, “Now we are sisters.”
Through her relationship with Sarah and one of our short films, Vicky came face-to-face with Jesus. She understood the truth of the gospel and her life was forever changed.

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