Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ania: Delivered from Addiction

As the movie played, Jesus looked directly at Mary Magdalene and declared her freedom. With a gasp the demons released their hold, and Mary Madgalene fell to the ground. In an instant, the voices silenced, her shaking body settled, and the storm stilled behind her eyes. Jesus gently called her name, and she looked up with clear, but wet eyes to see her Savior, smiling back at her with love.

Caught up in the story, Ania cried. She's lost track of how many times she has seen this scene in Magdalena: Released From Shame, but it touches her heart every time. It reminds her of her own story - how God set her free from what used to hold her in bondage - her drug addiction. And with great conviction, Ania still admires how Mary served Jesus from the moment He rescued her. 

Ania first learned about Jesus at a Christian rehab center. But it wasn't until she saw Magdalena that the power of His love for her clicked. She completed the rehabilitation course, conquered her drug addiction, and made the decision to follow Christ. With her next step, she joined a group of women for the Magdalena follow-up lessons. Through these lessons Ania learned more about God's love for her and His plan for her life.

Now Ania leads these lessons for other women in the rehab center. "I can see how women realize what God has done for them through the Magdalena film and lessons," she said. "By the end of these lessons they realize that they face the same difficulties and challenges in life as the women from the Bible, and only God can help and change their lives. Glory to God for everything He does in my life and in the lives of other women! He is truly a living God!"

Set free from her own addictions, Ania realized with God, all things are possible. And like Mary Magadalene, this stirred in her a passion to serve Him and tell more women about His love.

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