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Since 1951 Cru (former Campus Crusade for Christ) has been committed to winning others to Christ, building into their lives as they grow in Christ, and sending others to do the same. Tez and Christine serve in two different ministries at Cru, but they overlap beautifully. 

Tez works for Jesus Film Project. This large ministry produces films that help bring people to Christ, disciple them, and help plant churches for spiritual multiplication, both here and overseas. 

Tez collects amazing stories from around the world about the lives that are transformed by what God is doing with our films. He shares those stories with the world on JesusFilm.org and in a nationwide publication.

Christine serves with our sister ministry called International School Project. She helps build spiritual movements among teachers in other countries. Christine equips these new believers to share their faith in their own circles of influence among educators, students, and parents.  

We’d love to come tell you more and share stories about what God is doing.

Cru's World Headquarters at Lake Hart, Orlando, FL
Also home for Jesus Film Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have never seen the JESUS film; how can I?
A: The film can easily be watched jesusfilm.org in one of more than 1,600 languages. Several short films are also available to view.

Q: Can I download the film to my computer, tablet or smartphone?
A: Yes! You are now able to stream, share, and download segments or all of our films onto any device that has Internet access, in any available language. Just go to jesusfilm.org

Q: I’d like to read stories of changed lives as a result of the JESUS film. Where can I find more of them?
A: We’re committed to giving you stories on an ongoing basis, both through our email communications and here on our website. You can also find more stories on the Jesus Film Project blog. Many of them are written by Tez. 

Q: Can we join you on a mission trip overseas? 
A: Sure, let's talk about it. Tez (407)797-4408.

Q: Where can I learn more about what Christine does and how I might be able to join her on a missions trip to share Jesus with teachers? 
A: Go to http://www.isponline.org/trips/get-involved/ or contact Christine.brooks@cru.org

Q: Will you come to our church or small group to speak?
A: Sure! We love sharing what God is doing through Jesus Film Project and International School Project. Let's talk about what that might look like if we came. (407)797-4408.

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