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Tez's Story:
I was raised in church, the youngest of four boys. When I was six years old my father led me to Christ at my bedside. I grew up centering most of my activities around the local church. I attended Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. There I became a missions major. A few years later I dove immediately into full-time ministry as a youth pastor, then as a children’s pastor.

Most of my experience in ministry was Christian theater. I spent seven years at another church as the minister of drama. This eventually led to my travels with Bill and Gloria Gaither for several weeks in the role of Jesus for a musical they wrote starring Larnell Harris, Glad, Mylon LeFevre, and Phil Driscoll. Later I began my own business as an acting coach and “director for hire” conducting workshops for church drama ministries. Universal Studios, Disney and other companies gave me opportunity to be involved in commercials and television bit parts, but none of this satisfied like my true calling to full-time ministry.

Eventually, I began working in law enforcement and soon became a sergeant, with plans to stay there until I retired. A short-term mission trip to Haiti stirred up my desire again to reach internationals. I loved every part of bringing the Good News overseas. It seemed this was what I was born for. But again, soon after returning home, my job and the cares of life in the U.S. seemed to smother any hope of serving God full time again. Yet God is bigger–I eventually moved to Orlando and  met Christine at church and my friendship with her would change everything.

Christine's Story:   I come from a large Catholic family, the youngest of six siblings. Although I was raised in church, it wasn’t until ninth grade while attending a meeting with Young Life, that I understood the Good News for the first time. It was then that I placed my faith in Christ for the forgiveness of my sins. In college, I got involved with Campus Crusade for Christ as a student. I was an education major and planned to teach upon graduation.

However, God had another plan. In the spring of my senior year, I felt the Lord calling me into ministry.  In the summer of 1986, I joined staff with Cru spending 13 years in the campus ministry sharing the gospel and discipling college students. During that time, I took many trips to Turkey and even lived there for a year in the mid 90s. I loved the people, the culture, and the adventure!

It was during my very first trip there that God gave me a love for internationals and a passion to see them reached for the Lord. It had also become my dream to one day have a husband to minister alongside me. This dream would not be realized for quite a while. In 1999 I sensed God calling me to be a part of our worldwide headquarters in Orlando.  Six months after the move God sent a single father into my life who would become my husband and partner in ministering to internationals.

How God Brought us Together:

Christine and I met at a church Christmas party. Soon afterward we became great friends. As I got to know Christine, the way she gave her entire life to ministry, and her passion for internationals, I too was rekindled to the idea of overseas missions. He was bringing us together for His purposes. We began a courtship which led to a marriage proposal in a helicopter! She is everything I always prayed for in a woman. I’m a blessed man to have Christine as my wife and partner in ministry. Although only our two youngest are still at home, we have four children: Sharaya & Caleb (adults), while Jadyn & Anicah still live at home.

Special Days:

  • Wedding Anniversary - Feb 2
  • Tez's Birthday - July 6
  • Christine's Birthday - Feb 14
  • Jadyn's Birthday - Nov 12
  • Anicah's Birthday - April 13

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  1. Thank you Tez!! Appreciate your advice and sharing of information! God is GREAT!!