Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Secret Connection to Jesus

Middle East

Walking around an airport, a man* secretly carried a wireless hotspot in his pocket. This device advertises open Wi-Fi to anyone seeking an Internet connection. Similar to the Wi-Fi at a McDonald’s or in a hotel, the first page served from the hotspot displays content available in the local languages, including the text of the Bible and the film, JESUS.

In just over an hour, 30 business travelers, asylum seekers and tourists downloaded JESUS from the hotspot in this man’s pocket—in a country where authorities would kill the man if he handed out a single copy of the Bible on a street corner.

Today, this man has prepared 2,500 hotspot units to be carried by hundreds of volunteers in the coming months. Who knows the potential impact of the story of Jesus on phones and touchscreens in places where traditional methods of ministry face so much resistance?

* This man and his location need to remain nameless for security reasons.

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