Monday, February 1, 2016

February 2016 - This is What Cheaters Get

Sena was set on revenge. Armed with a cutlass, he intended to kill the man who had committed adultery with his wife. As he wandered around town, waiting for darkness to fall before finding and attacking the man, Sena came upon a group of people watching a film. He drew nearer and realized the film, JESUS, was in his Ghanaian language.

At first Sena watched it just for entertainment, something to do until he began to search in earnest for the man who had wronged him. Then he heard Jesus speak of forgiveness and found himself drawn more deeply into the message of the film.

When it finished, he walked forward to receive Christ. He surrendered his cutlass to the students showing the film, told them the story of what he had planned to do, and assured them he no longer felt any vengeance against the man. Stunned by his story and the transformation of his heart, they immediately sought out a local pastor who committed to disciple Sena in his newfound faith.

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