Sunday, June 9, 2019

Meeting JESUS in a Spanish Hostel

Tez shares the gospel with a hiker.

One of the pilgrims who stayed the night.
The pungent odor of cow manure fills the air as travelers walk the Camino de Santiago (the Way of Saint James) toward a hostel named La Fuente del Peregrino. The name means The Pilgrim’s Fountain. It’s just one of many lodges for pilgrims hiking the 500-mile journey to Santiago de Compostela.

Many pilgrims have hiked for days before arriving at La Fuente del Peregrino—a 400-year-old building offering fresh coffee, clean bathrooms, and an overnight stay. Those who lodge get two hot meals, great hospitality, and a chance to watch the JESUS film.

The house is run by Natan, a staff member of Agape Spain, the name for Campus Crusade for Christ® in this country. He recruits volunteers from around the world. They rotate in for a week, maintaining the hostel and sharing Christ to the 400-800 pilgrims who pass each day.

Travelers on this pilgrimage often find themselves unexpectedly open to God conversations. “We use those moments as an open door for the gospel.” Natan says.

In the afternoon, an optional reflection time is offered to those staying overnight, followed by a showing of JESUS. For the pilgrims, a movie with popcorn is a welcome treat!

Natan explains to the guests, “Unlike most lodging that only provides for your physical needs, we focus also on heavenly needs—helping you take the next step in your spiritual journey.”

Filipe* is a guest this night. Filipe is a guru of Eastern mysticism and almost derails the discussion with his talk of chakra energy and an alien abduction that gave him power to heal.

The Jesus Film Mission Trip® volunteers pray as they communicate truth to Filipe. He is unreceptive. They don’t filter who stays at the hostel, trusting God to bring the right pilgrims who need to hear about Christ.

Some receive it, some reject it, but all are sent on their way contemplating Jesus and the extraordinary love poured out by the staff.

The next morning, one of the guests receives a copy of the film, “The Story of Jesus for Children.”

She responds, “You’ve blessed me. There’s something peaceful about this place—about you.”

This year marks the 20th anniversary since La Fuente del Peregrino opened its doors. Almost 19,000 pilgrims have found rest, shelter and the love of Christ. There’s no doubt God has placed this hostel in a strategic location. The Pilgrim’s Fountain continues to be a beacon of hope in a lost and broken world. To learn more, go to

*Name changed for privacy


  • 4 Film Festivals at the Fuente with 17 people engaging with the short films.
  • 4 Training's with 84 locals attending
  • Roughly 130 initiated conversations (90 spiritual conversations and 24 gospel presentations)
  • 2 indicated a decision to follow Christ.
  • The most used short film was "Delight." 

PRAYER POINT: Ask God to use the JESUS film to reach pilgrims hiking El Camino.

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