Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tablets in Africa

A Thank You Note 
From time to time, our ministry gives tablets to help overseas Christians share their faith. This is a story of one of those tablets.

Yantu*, a West African university student, began his fascinating story, "I heard about the JESUS film and the tablet, [and] I received one [myself]." He went on to say how he and five friends shared the tablet, taking turns to use it for evangelism by showing JESUS. Tragically, terrorists attacked his university and burned it down. As Yantu fled for his life, the only possession he had time to grab was the tablet. While hiding out in the bush, he continued to use it to show JESUS. Eventually he made his way to another city, still with tablet in hand. 

As he reflected on what happened, he shared, "Despite how the terrorists did everything, the tablet is still here. Simply because that tablet is mobile. I find myself now, despite being homeless - privileged to share with the tablet. This tablet (provided by donors) has gone a long way in affecting souls."

*Name changed for security. 

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