Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Casting Spells

"Casting Spells"

All was ready for the film showing. People from the African village gathered in front of the screen. The film team members finished setting up the equipment to show JESUS and bent down to start the generator for the projector. Nothing happened. Unable to fix the problem, they had to postpone the showing until the next night. Although the generator worked perfectly when tested inside a house earlier that second day, at the film site that evening, it once again sat in silence. At this point team members knew spiritual warfare was waging. They discovered that a local witch doctor near the film site was casting spells to keep the generator from working. On the third day team members and a pastor decided to fast and pray. That night the generator worked flawlessly, and JESUS played from beginning to end. Many people indicated decisions to follow Christ after the film ended, including the witch doctor! Currently, he is growing in his faith as a member of a local church.

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