Wednesday, October 21, 2015

OCT 2015 -- Short Films Prepare Hearts

A university student in Asia shared about using [JESUS Film®] short films in ministry: "I am a member of [a local] church. My cell group members organized a Christmas evangelistic program .... During this program we were able to create a safe and comfortable environment in which we showed short films such as 'CTRL Z,' 'La Búsqueda' and 'FallingPlates.' After the films, which served to prepare the hearts of the attendees, we shared the gospel using the Four Spiritual Laws booklet that was published especially for this Christmas outreach. I am very glad to have been chosen from my cell group to share my testimony during the program. With joy overflowing in my heart, I shared the good news about my Savior. A dozen people heard the gospel that day, most of whom accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Throughout this program I was blessed to see the faithfulness and supremacy of our Lord.”

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