Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hide! It's a human sacrifice.

For just a moment, imagine...
Picture yourself walking through the jungle, on a difficult trek. As though in a movie, you hear distant, eerie drums.
Closer now—you hear dancing and strange cries. You see smoke rising through the trees and thick bush. Your guide motions you to stop.
"Don't let them see us...it's a human sacrifice!"
Is this even possible in this day and age? Unfortunately, yes. but read this account of how God transformed a man actually involved with this practice, and today uses him for His glory
Human sacrifice remains a reality in some animist communities in Nigeria, the most populated nation in Africa. In fact, Jigar’s role was to beat the drums during many sacrifice ceremonies. His village was so dark spiritually that when children became old enough, they would flee, fearing they might be the next human sacrifice.

Not long ago a courageous film team came and showed these people “JESUS.” Jigar watched and his heart was flooded with light—a light he didn’t even know existed. He saw God’s sacrifice for the sins of the world, including his own. His soul was stirred to the core. He believed and gave his life to the Lord.

Today Jigar is a joyful and committed film team member* bringing hope and life through “JESUS.” When asked about the dangers he faces, having abandoned that dark world, Jigar replies: “If I die, I am dying in the Lord…. Though I have lost everything in the world, yet I have gained all in the heavenly realm.”

Church-planting film teams are made up of men and women committed to Christ, like Jigar, many of whom came to Christ when someone showed them “JESUS.” Now they show their own people “JESUS,” shining spiritual light in their darkness and planting churches.

*Although his name has been changed for security, Jigar is a member of the Great Commission Movement of Nigeria.

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