Sunday, June 7, 2015

Delivered Instantly from Drugs

Elnaz and his wife, Roya, struggled with drug addiction for 27 years agonizing years. Desperate for hope and deliverance from the all-consuming bondage of their dependence on the poison that was robbing them of their very lives, Elnaz reached the tipping point of his ability to carry on under his own power. Utterly broken and despondent, he cried out to God for help.
For reasons he did not fully understand at the time, Elnaz turned on his television and flipped through the satellite channels until he landed on one particular channel, which was showing the Jesus Film in Farsi.
Immediately captivated by this story of grace and forgiveness, Elnaz called Roya into the room, where together they watched the film and wept as they realized that Jesus suffered and died for them. When presented the opportunity to pray for personal salvation at the end of the film, Elnaz and Roya dropped to their knees and felt 27 years of blackness and hopelessness melt away as they asked Christ into their hearts.
In that moment, the Lord supernaturally delivered Elnaz and Roya from their drug addiction. Counselors continue to communicate with the couple regularly and report that they are growing in their relationship with Christ and continue to enjoy sobriety.
Incredible, life-transformational stories, like this of Elnaz and Roya, are happening throughout their country every day. God is moving across this nation unlike any other time in history and we have the privilege of being a part of His amazing work among Persians.
We do not do this in isolation. With more than 40 ministry partners, this television station is utilizing the power of collaboration and partnership to penetrate every corner of this lost and broken nation with hope of Christ.
Please pray for this station to continue to effectively communicate the hope and love of Christ to the millions of Middle Easterners who wake up each morning, hopeless and desperate for acceptance. With our ministry partners, we are trusting the Lord to use us to transform a nation of people like Elnaz and Roya for His glory.

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