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1986: Christine graduates from WVU and joins staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. She begins raising support to cover her ministry and living expenses. 

1988: Christine is assigned to Univ. of Delaware, winning students to Christ and discipling them. 

1989: She attends a summer project in Turkey and returns with a heart for internationals.

1992-1993: Christine decides to live in Turkey for a year, learning the culture and language. As a result, what was once a small group of believers in Izmir grows over the decades into what is today a large movement.

1994-1995: Christine accepts an assignment in Pennsylvania serving in the campus ministry's area office. There she strategically expands her influence to reach students across several campuses.  

1997-1998: Christine is asked to help open other campuses in the area that do not yet have a ministry presence.  

1999: Christine moves to Orlando to serve in HR at Cru headquarters. She starts attending a new church where one of the pastors is Wayne Brooks (Tez's brother). In November of that same year, Tez, a single dad working in law enforcement, moves to Orlando too, and begins attending his brother's church. Christine and Tez meet at a church Christmas party and become good friends.

2000: Christine spends another summer ministering in Turkey. Her friendship with Tez and his two young children (Sharaya and Caleb) grows. She patiently waits for Tez to get a clue and ask her out. Tez begins praying and seeking counsel about pursuing a romantic relationship with Christine. 

2001: Early in the year, Tez begins courting Christine officially. By summer they are engaged. 

2002: Christine and Tez marry in February. Eight months later Tez resigns from his career and returns to full-time ministry by joining staff with Cru. He begins serving with JESUS Film Project (JFP). Christine moves over to that same ministry. 

2003: Christine and Tez train to be mission trip leaders for JFP. But Christine gets pregnant, so Tez goes alone to Botswana where he leads 12 government officials to the Lord and shows the JESUS film each night, causing hundreds more to receive Christ. He receives a letter giving him and his team permission to enter any school in the country and show the Jesus film. Jadyn is born in November.

2005: Tez returns to Africa. This time to Benin, with similar results. 

2006: Tez is asked to supervise a group of reporters and editors for JFP and his leadership causes major donors to give millions toward funding more Jesus film translations for unreached people groups worldwide. Their youngest child, Anicah, is born. 

2007: Tez goes to Turkey to interview several ministry leaders in the M.E.  He meets many of Christine's Turkish friends and hears how her ministry efforts have encouraged believers and helped start movements elsewhere in the country.

2009-2011: The Brooks family move overseas to Australia. Tez serves as the Natl. Communications Director and Christine serves with Family Life Australia, editing radio programs. Meanwhile a medical trip to Cambodia (Tez's hardest trip physically) using the J film, yields hundreds more souls coming to Christ. 

2012-2013: The Brooks' return home. They spend a year debriefing and allowing Cru to build them up and minister to them to prepare for their next assignment at HQ. Meanwhile Tez helps the organization with a name change and new branding from Campus Crusade for Christ to "Cru."  

2014: Tez joins the film team at JFP and writes a few award-winning short films that become evangelism tools, helping lead hundreds to Christ. Christine home schools their two children while serving in a support role for Tez administratively. 

2015-2016: Tez returns to Turkey and then to India testing out new films to determine their effectiveness. Many come to Jesus as a result. Meanwhile he accepts the role as Director for Donor Reporting, resulting in millions more dollars being donated toward the funding of more film translations. The JESUS film becomes the most translated film in history and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

2017: Tez accepts a role with JFP's Communication Team, training writers across the ministry. He travels to Spain to evangelize on the El Camino using short films that lead to spiritual discussions and ultimately, souls saved. Able to work remotely now, The Brooks' move to Colorado. Christine leaves JFP and joins another Cru ministry called International School Project, a ministry outreach to teachers overseas. 

2018: Christine travels to M.E. to establish relationships with teachers she can disciple. She ends up forming friendships with key individuals whom she Zoomed with regularly to disciple. 

2019: Tez takes a mission trip to the Amazon to show the Jesus Film to villagers as well as provide clothing, medical help and other humanitarian aid. Did you know that for every dollar you give toward a Jesus Film missionary, at least 10 people see the film, and at least one of those 10 makes a lasting decision to receive Christ? Think about all the gifts you might have given over the years and do the math. What an amazing return on your investment into the Kingdom! Thank you. 

2020: COVID causes Jesus Film to consider alternate ministry endeavors, so Tez creates training for how to hold a virtual evangelism outreach. It is well-received around the world. Meanwhile there's a renewed interest in airing the J film on television and radio worldwide. 

Early 2021: Opportunities open for Tez to help International School Project in using JFP tools. He accepts the position and transfers over from JFP to ISP working alongside Christine again. 

Summer 2021: The Brooks' resign from Cru to join Global Service Network and expand their reach to influencers worldwide. However, they continue serving in their roles with International School Ministry as volunteers, while reaching leaders in their own city as well. 

2022: Stay tuned. Who knows what God will do!!!!

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  1. So thankful for the way God has used you guys through the years and through the miles! Celebrating His faithfulness with you and through you!